Agenda May 6, 2019 Regular Council Meeting

May 6, 2019 Agenda
Milford Borough Council Meeting

1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance
2. Adopt Agenda/Minutes 4/1/19, 4/16/19
3. Public Hearings:
a. Ordinance revisions/clarifications
b. Paving Bid openings

4. Westfall Twp Sewer Authority- Engineer presentation
5. Vote to sign a resolution to request a hearing with PLCB

6. Special Events/Banners:
a. Music in the Park – 7/28/19 and 9/15/19
b. Opera in the Park/Banner 8/25/19

7. Committee Reports:
a. Law and Zoning (Wendell) –
b. Finance & Insurance (Kameen)
c. Parks, Trees, & Recreation (Haar)
– Scott Sheldon of the Recreation Committee to propose a plan to replace the green shed at Ann St. park with a new one.
d. Borough Property (Ciervo) – Plumbing estimate – Borough Office
e. Streets and Lights (Ciervo)
f. Technology/Communications (Wendell/Foster)

8. Mayor’s Report: (Chief McCormack)
-Violation report
– Uniforms –

9. Treasurer’s Report:

10. ARB Certificates of Appropriateness:

– 511 Broad –Gutters, etc.
– 311 E Harford- Windows

11. New Business:
Cupola on Borough building- repairs
Verge maintenance
Planning Commission Appointment – Letter of Interest – Granger Greenbaum

12. Old Business:
Ambulance update
Old office, upstairs in Borough Hall – next steps
Update on Bridge repair over Sawkill

13. Public Comment:

14. Correspondence:

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