Agenda Milford Borough Council Meeting 8/5/19

August 5, 2019 Agenda
Milford Borough Council Meeting

1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

2. Adopt Agenda/Minutes 7/8/19 and 7/16/19


a. Conditional Use Hearing – Censci Chiropractic
b. Paving Bids – opening of bids
c. Approval of Recommendations by Planning Commission
d. Scheduling and Advertising of Conditional Use Hearing- “More for Less” Clothing.

4. Special Events/Banners:
a. Gar-Po-Fire – Banner only (9/15-9/29)
b. Septemberfest- Milford Presents – Music Fest, Banner, Sidewalk Sale ( 9/14/19)
c. Log Tavern Brewing/MEC – Banner only (9/22/19-10/6/19)
d. Apple Festival – Milford United Methodist- 9/28/19 (Street closure)
e. Bark in the Park – Milford Presents – 10/5/19
f. Black Bear Film Festival – 10/18/19 – 10/20/19 (Street closure)
g. Borough Hall Use – League of Women Voters- Pike County (10/16/19)

5. PCPL update – Steve Grinaldi
6. Zoning Report – Shawn Bolles

7. Mayor’s Report:
-Violation report
-Hiring of new P/T Police officer
-Approval of Portable Radio

8. Treasurer’s Report:

9. ARB Certificates of Appropriateness:
a. 300 Broad St. – Presbyterian Church- Roof
b. 406 Broad St. – (Lutfy Building) – Porch Rail
c. 320 Broad St. – Bloom Garden Building- Billy Shi- Corbel repair
d. 608 Broad St. – Columns – Porch Repair
e. 150 Water St. – Sign only- More for Less Clothing
f. Pike County Courthouse- Roof
g. 102 John St. – Pike County- Roof
h. Pike County Courthouse- Sign
i. 101 E Harford St – Dimmick – Roof
j. 305 Broad – Wise Guys Barber- Sign (Denial)

10. New Business:
a. Any capital items you want to add to budget- Should be getting costs now to prepare

11. Old Business:
a. Removal of Hazardous Trees
b. 911 signs: need to confirm size, color, location and how they are paid for
c. No thru traffic signs
d. Pot hole repair
e. Old office building- engineering review
f. Upstairs Borough Hall- costs and grant opportunites
g. Ambulance activity
h. Electronic recycling
i. Update on river access project
j. Sewage study letters
k. Borough Office Security

12. Committee Reports:
a. Law and Zoning (Wendell) –
b. Finance & Insurance
c. Parks, Trees, & Recreation (Haar)
d. Borough Property
e. Streets and Lights (Ciervo) –
f. Technology/Communications (Wendell/Foster) –

13. Public Comment:

14. Correspondence:

15. Adjourn

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