Ann Street Memorial Park Ice Rink

On Saturday afternoon, March 9, the welcome warm temperatures slowly began to soften the perfectly frozen surface of the ice skating rink at Ann Street Memorial Park. Scott Sheldon, Vice Chairman of Milford Recreation Committee, Councilwoman, Annette Haar and Dave Mattar celebrated the rinks official closing by presenting local celebrity ice skater Dr. Jordan Hartey with a certificate of appreciation. In addition, Jordan received a wooden ice skate meticulously hand crafted by Dave. For the last 10 years, Jordan freely and graciously shared her award winning talents with all who gathered to support, skate and enjoy one of Milford’s best loved Winter Events, the ice skating rink at Ann Street Memorial Park.
We thank Doctor Hartey for her time and dedication in helping make the Winter Lights Festival enjoyable and successful for all.

Text and photo by Annette Haar.

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