Milford Borough Council Meeting 7/21/20

JULY 21, 2020 AGENDA



  1. Call to Order/Roll Call
  2. Adopt Agenda
  3. Adopt Minutes – 6/16/20 Regular Council Meeting, 6/24/20 Special Meeting, 7/14/20 Workshop
  4. Public Comment on Agenda Items
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Special Event application – Red Sand Project
  7. ARB Certificates of Approval/Denial:
  8. 319 Broad – Jive Bar- Window – 2020-13
  9. 403 Broad – Rear ADA Ramp – 2020-17
  10. 106 W Harford – Column Repair – 2020-16
  11. 101 W Harford – Sign, Awning replacement -2020-15
  12. 611 Broad St – Decking over concrete- 2020-14
  13. 100 Second St – Thomas Michael – Sign 2020-21
  14. 312 W Harford St – O’Shea – Garage- 2020-19
  15. 403 E Harford St – Boyle – Fence 2020-18
  16. 212 E Harford St- Amy Kernahan – Front door 2020-20


  1. New Business:
  2. Formation of stormwater committee
  3. Scheduling of ARB meeting and Planning meetings
  4. Scheduling of first 2021 Budget meeting (all committees/departments should have list of new/changed expenses)
  5. Acceptance of Letter of Resignation – Katrina Foster
  6. Ordinance for parking on W Harford for MEC Project
  7. Comprehensive Plan – Public meeting July 23, 2020
  8. Comprehensive Plan survey
  9. Police services billing
  10. Old Business:
  11. Nominating Committee
  12. Decision/Discussion on new garbage truck
  13. Funding for additional ambulance personnel during COVID-19
  14. Long-term Ambulance issues
  15. Ordinance changes/New Ordinances- Vote to advertise
  16. Paving issues on Cherry Alley
  17. Mott Street
  18. Sidewalk by Karenina and along Broad St
  19. Mayor’s Report:
  20. Zoning Report:
  21. Committee Reports:
  22. Law& Zoning –
  23. Finance & Insurance –
  24. Parks, Trees & Recreation-
  25. Borough Property-
  26. Streets & Lights-
  27. Technology & Communication
  28. HR
  29. Shade Tree
  30. Appointments
  31. Correspondence
  32. Public Comment
  33. Adjourn



Public Comment Procedures


  1. Members of the public may address the Borough Council with regard to agenda items before the Council at their Regular and Special Borough Council meetings during the public participation segment which occurs in the first part of the meeting;
  2. This initial public comment segment of the meeting shall last no longer than 30 minutes;
  3. Members of the public wishing to address the Council must state their names and addresses for the record, and must be recognized by the President of the Council before speaking;
  4. Each individual so recognized by the President shall have not more than three (3) minutes to address the Council through the President, and repetitive comments should be avoided. There shall be no interruptions when a member of the public has been granted the floor by the president of the council, and abusive speech and personal attacks shall be prohibited;
  5. An additional time for public comment for other matters of concern will be granted to the public at the end of the meeting for a period of no more than 30 minutes, once the items on the agenda have been concluded. The same rules of procedure as set forth above shall apply to this second segment of public comment;
  6. When Council meetings are occurring via ZOOM or other telecommunication methods conducted according to the State COVID-19 legislation, members of the public must be identified prior to making public comment, either by sending an email to the Borough office prior to the meeting, or by sending a chat message to the Borough secretary during the meeting.
  7. Responses to all public comment, when appropriate, shall be handled by the Borough Council president (or Officer presiding over the meeting); if appropriate, the President may request that another Borough Council member reply to a comment, if they have direct knowledge of the issue.
  8. A copy of these rules of meeting decorum shall be provided to citizens at each meeting, as part of the agenda.




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