Milford Borough Council Meeting for Subdivision

Milford Borough Council Meeting for Subdivision

October 17, 2019



Call to Order: Frank Tarquinio called meeting to order at 5:45 pm.

Council Members Adriane Wendell, Annette Haar, Nancy Schoenleber and Assistant Borough Secretary were present.

Pledge Of Allegiance

Adoption Of Agenda: FT, motion to adopt agenda.  AW, AH, second.


800 Broad Street Cowern Subdivision: This hearing was advertised on 10/9/19 in the Pocono Record. The Milford Borough Planning Commission met and recommended to approve the subdivision of the property at 800 Broad Street.

FT -Motion to close discussion, AW moved to accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission to subdivide the lot. NS, AH, FT agreed to accept.


Adjourned 5:53 pm



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