Milford Borough Council Meeting Minutes 7/8/19




ROLL CALL – President Frank Tarquinio called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM



ADOPTION OF AGENDA/MINUTES- By motion of Haar/Foster, the agenda for the June 3, 2019 regular meeting was adopted, with amendments as to the order;

By motion of Haar/Wendell, minutes of the June 3, 2019 Regular Borough Council meeting and the June 26, 2019 Special Meeting were adopted as presented.


ANNOUNCEMENT RE: BOROUGH QUARTERLY WORKSHOP MEETING – President Tarquinio announced that there will be a  Quarterly Council workshop meeting on Tuesday July 16th from 11 am – 1 pm.  The Council has invited Jim Hunt from the Berkheimer group to explain how an Earned Income Tax works.  This is just an information meeting; looking at various options for long-term budget planning in the Borough.  This is an advertised workshop meeting which is open to the public.  Tarquinio said that an EIT is one of several options they are looking into; only gathering information at this point.


PENN STATE EXTENSION PRESENTATION – Jack Boyle was present; introduced Stephen Alessi, Services Manager.  Explained the resources available to Borough residents through their office (located on Broad St):  Resources to Research at Penn State, 4H, Health & Wellness, water, land use training, etc.  Left informational packets for any interested residents.


APPOINTMENT TO VACANT BOROUGH COUNCIL SEAT:  President Tarquinio announced that there were two letters of interest received, had Secretary Ahlstrand read both.  (One from Lucas Turano, one from Peter Cooney).  Annette Haar nominated Luke Turano.  Question from public – Jon Kameen- since it has been over 30 days since the resignation was accepted, do they need to have a Vacancy Board sit on the vote?  BY MOTION OF FOSTER/HAAR, BILL KIGER, RESIDENT AND PRESENT IN THE PUBLIC, WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPOINTED AS THE VACANCY BOARD TO VOTE IN THE EVENT OF A TIE. (At this time, Mr. Kiger joined the Borough Council for the vote). 

BY MOTION OF HAAR/WENDELL, LUCAS TURANO WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPOINTED TO FILL THE SEAT VACATED BY MEAGEN KAMEEN UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2019.  Mayor Strub swore in Lucas Turano, and he joined the Council for the remainder of the meeting.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Greg Myer gave his report at this time due to a conflict with another board meeting:  Received check for over $20K from Pike County Delinquent Tax Bureau.  Had been running behind budget- had only rec’d $7211 through 6/30; budgeted for $33K, so check rec’d today puts Borough in good shape.

– Rec’d about $1000 in local fines.

-Breaking out police salaries for training and expenses (such as bullet proof vests, uniforms).  Working with Chief to sort that out.  (Comment by Tarquinio- two new officers hired at special meeting in June; also have a summer intern, paid for by Pike County Workforce) BY MOTION OF CIERVO/                 TREASURER’S REPORT ACCEPTED AS PRESENTED. 






  1. Safe Haven – Purple ribbons on street lights for the month of October; BY MOTION OF HAAR/FOSTER, APPROVED BY COUNCIL.



MAYOR’S REPORT:  Mayor Strub gave his report –

  • Citation report for June (attached)- 26 parking (vs. 6 from last June), 70 traffic (vs. 56 last June), 93 traffic stops, total mileage 2500. First full month when they are able to compare with a year ago when Chief McCormack took over as Chief; numbers continue to improve.
  • Two “policies” which Police Dept would like Council to adopt-
  1. Ride along policy discussed intern, etc. with Solicitor, came up with policy (attached) Question from Wendell about insurance implications- Secretary Ahlstrand said verified with insurance company that they were covered. – BY MOTION OF SCHOENLEBER/FOSTER, RIDE ALONG POLICY ADOPTED BY COUNCIL.
  2. Body-worn camera -there were some issues with language of policy, reviewed by Solicitor, came up with improved policy. (Attached) -Question from Haar – why do officers have body cameras?  Mayor explained it is for both the protection of the police and for the public, during certain interactions; prohibitions in situations where there is an expectation of privacy (defined in policy, in accordance with State law); allows for a video and audio record if there are any concerns.  Haar asked if public has access to record.  Mayor said some can be reviewed under RTK request; some which cannot be viewed, as set forth in policy.  Kept for a limited time.  State policy is to retain for 60 days; officers notified if request to view.  Haar asked about situation when a Court case is pending and recording is relevant.  Mayor said if something arises during the 60 days before record is erased, then evidence is secured.  May not automatically erase after 60 days, but must keep AT LEAST 60 days.  Becomes an issue of digital storage.  Haar had an additional question about police cameras- ones that scan license plates?  Is it legal to scan arbitrarily, without cause?  Mayor will defer to Solicitor.  Secretary will ask Solicitor Magnotta for opinion.  Comment from public- Jon Kameen- no “assumed” privacy with regard to license plates; State owns plates.  Question from Turano- is this policy part of the SOP?  Are officers trained?  Mayor said there is a training portion; entire SOP not adopted yet, so would like to adopt this policy in order to enable police dept. to start using body cameras again.   Question from public- Mike Barth, Matamoras– who makes decision about erasing?  Mayor – keep at least 60 days, or if an incident arises.  No incident has arisen yet.

Question from Haar about discretionary ticketing with regard to expired registration; does not appear to be consistency.  Mayor is having discussion with officers to have consistency.



Certificates of Appropriateness – ARB:

  2. 511 Broad St. – Gutters -Hold until applicant is there (contractor) arrived late- requesting relief different than that recommended by ARB. Secretary read letter from contractor. ARB recommended box gutter; would like to go back to original proposal of “K” gutter, because property owner would like to ultimately restore house to original look.  Tarquinio noted that this would match original gutter which was installed on upper roof.  Drainage is still an issue.  Allie Sheare arrived late, gave additional information.  Said gutters they want to use would go back to old look of house.  Question from Ciervo about what was done on top- K gutter on top; mansard roof is the issue.  Want to remove aluminum, do the same on lower roof.  BY MOTION OF TURANO/FOSTER, COUNCIL RECOMMENDED OVERRIDING ARB COA, AND APPROVING 4” K GUTTER, AS PREVIOUSLY PROPOSED.



  1. Approval/Modification of letter to residents re: Central Sewage Inspection. Question from Haar- number of cesspools in the Borough? Automatic failure?  Tarquinio said not a failure, just receive less points.  This letter will be sent to 110 residents selected by HRG.  Question from Jon Kameen- does letter contain any language advising property owners that they have the right to refuse access to property?  Tarquinio read letter.  Not sure if all residents will receive, or only 110.  Question from Ahlstrand – can that recommendation be made to include that language? Schoenleber made some corrections to typos, fonts.  BY MOTION OF WENDELL/TURANO, COUNCIL APPROVED LETTER, WITH CORRECTIONS.

(*Note Treasurer Greg Myer left at 6:51; returned to question about gutters at 511 Broad)

  1. Application for Dick Snyder Grant(s) – Mayor commented that deadline is July 31st; what is Council procedure for getting approval by Council? Maryanne Monte has guidelines; Council members to bring ideas to workshop meeting on July 16th.  Secretary will put on agenda.
  2. Pot holes- Tarquinio asked Ciervo if there is any plan to fix potholes. Ciervo will check with Paul C.
  3. Opera in the Park Grant Application- Greater Pike Foundation. Mayor explained Borough is the fiscal sponsor. Question from Kameen- how much?  No cost to the Borough.  Application requires approval from Council.   BY MOTION OF HAAR/SCHOENLEBER, COUNCIL APPROVED GRANT APPLICTATION.



  1. Visible 911 numbering on houses for fire/police safety. Wendell suggested it be part of budgetary discussions; will have a cost involved.  Schoenleber looking into Firehouse Sub Grant. Valerie Meyer (public) asked if residents could purchase one on their own.  Ciervo suggested that they choose a style and define a “standard”, consistent location; need to get input from fire dept and police.  Kevin Mann (Asst. Chief- MFD) was present- said need to be reflective so it is easy to see. Ciervo will meet with Kevin Mann, Chief, Luke Turano, to come up with standard.
  2. Installation of “No thru traffic” and “One Way” street signs- Wendell will meet with Paul Curran to determine location. Mayor noted that Penn Dot may require an “arrow”. Tarquinio said need to get a number for the “No thru traffic” signs.
  3. Old office building- Tarquinio said have someone interested in buying; do they want to have someone fix up? Strub recommended getting appraisal, put out notice for ideas.  Suggested it be run like the Community House.  Look for sources for renovations- LSA Grants, etc.  Solicit proposals with time limit.  Ciervo noted that selling would be an issue- shared septic, generator, etc., lot would be non-conforming.  Will ask Hector or Rich Pedranti to give idea of cost of renovations (He went through structural issues, but State requires a licensed engineer or architect).
  4. With regard to upstairs of Borough Hall, should look at LSA Grant to do clean up. Turano and Schoenleber will look into grant.  Strub commented that should include elevator in proposal.





FIRE DEPT. REPORT: Kevin Mann – Gave report (attached) 459 Total calls- 141 Fire, 318 EMS. 3 members finished National Cert. Firefight class; 2 taking EMT class; 4 recently Ropes 1.  Hope to go to Ropes 5 by end of next summer.  4th of July Fireworks displays went well; truck getting cleaned up for parade in Pt. Jervis on Saturday.  Wendell commented about scheduling CPR class- Mann will look into it.



Law & Zoning: Wendell – No report.  Tarquinio thanked Wendell for the success of the MusicFest

Finance & Insurance:  None – Turano will handle insurance.  Council will begin working on Budget for next year at workshop, as well as looking at long term options.

Parks & Recreation (Haar) –  First, nets at basketball court not enduring, kids pulling down.  Looking at vinyl cable nets ($40/ea).  Many municipalities take nets down, but will try these vinyl nets first.  Tarquinio asked if they were safe- Haar said yes.  Asked about installing a spigot at the Borough office to water plants all around the building.  Rob C will have plumber look at it next week.  Tarquinio said would need to get a lock for outside spigot.

Biddis Park – Took out 4 trees; maple tree which is compromised – Valerie Meyer has arranged with Superior Tree to take that down tomorrow. Ahlstrand – put notice on website.  Meyer also said there is a hazardous tree on 4th that will be taken down.

Barckley Park- completion date will be “weather determined”; some delays due to rain.  Will have update next week.

Secret Garden tour is next Saturday. July 13th

Purple Dinosaur will be put back in Ann St. Park


Borough Property (Ciervo):  Nothing additional

Streets & Light (Ciervo):  Reminder that alleys need to be trimmed back, up to 12 ft.  Notice on website. Dangerous for guys collecting garbage, damage to trucks.  Ahlstrand said replacement street lights are in.  CRL Electric will replace all at once.  Tarquinio mentioned that Matamoras is requesting that Milford Borough join in the grant application for the purchase of a new garbage truck.  BY MOTION OF CIERVO/HAAR, COUNCIL VOTED TO JOIN IN GRANT APPLICATION.  Tarquinio further noted that agreement for shared garbage expenses, etc. is up at the end of the year (2019). Should look at next month.  Ciervo will review.

Tech/Communications: (Foster)- Sent out newsletter to residents, mentioned that they were looking for letters of interest for Council seat.  18 new subscribers to email list, 4 were Borough residents.  106 opened newsletter.  Will make more regular.  Asked if Council could come up with date for next one, ideas.  Mayor asked about possibly interviewing Paul & Duane, etc.  Foster said not possible for the Borough newsletter; not part of company, so not “in the budget”.




Hometown Heroes – Gerry McKinney- one of 6 military moms trying to get banners from Matamoras all the way to Milford. Matamoras, Westfall, Milford Twp. have agreed.  Has approval from Steve Grimaldi- PCLP- to mount on utility poles- he has requested insurance; Pike County Chamber providing insurance if Milford Borough will not provide; in Matamoras, the DPW will be hanging them.  Westfall has a sign company hanging them.  Milford Twp. could not hang, so they asked Dingmans Fire Dept to do.  They could hang in Milford Borough as well.  Have a FB page which would provide information.  Trying to raise $15K to cover cost of brackets; individuals would pay for flags ($100 ea).  Have permission from other utilities as well.  In Milford Borough, 14 poles on west side of Broad St that they could use.  Question from Wendell – proposing to use all 14?  Yes.  McKinney said they would be veterans, active duty, killed in action.  30×60 flag.  Foster asked about design?  Who selects.  McKinney said they have several- made by Colin at John’s.  Would all be the same.  Tarquinio asked about who would be represented on flags?  McKinney said anyone in “DV School District” area.  Using DV 2000 foundation for information. Any war?  Yes.  Mayor asked for clarification- would people have lived here?  How do you define who is eligible?  Need specific criteria.  Question from Foster about material- vinyl?  Contract for 2 years?  McKinney said life of flag is two years.  Will take down and give to sponsor.  Foster asked if flag doesn’t make it 2 years?  McKinney said flag would have to come down.  They would be responsible.  Mayor – has concern about size- more space on 3 lane, etc.  Scale not appropriate for Borough.  Would prefer to see size scaled to Borough.  Wendell has concerns about number being distracting.  Additional discussion. Need input from business owners, other “stakeholders”.  Wendell will discuss at Milford Presents meeting tomorrow. Decided that Mayor, Luke Turano, committee will work with group.  Turano will contact and set up meeting.  Will make decision at workshop.

Peter Rushton- 113 W Ann St. – Question about Santos Farm- Developed?  Tarquinio said believes Planning Commission passed; goes to County Planning and to Supervisors.  Wendell noted- only Zoning change approved.  Question about construction at W Ann & Broad- permit? (Referring to Billy Shi, W Catharine- Bloom Garden building)  Yes, had permit.  Commented that summer clean up is going well, young kids working should be commended.

Question from Tarquinio to Valerie Meyer- no parking signs?  Meyer said trees have been designated as hazardous, place no parking signs to keep from damaging cars, etc.  Tarquinio asked for list of hazardous trees.  Council should look for additional sources of funding to aid Shade Tree Commission.  Meyer will provide; also following up with Steve Grinaldi from power company.



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