Milford Borough Council Meeting Minutes 8/5/19




ROLL CALL – President Frank Tarquinio called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM



ADOPTION OF AGENDA/MINUTES- By motion of Ciervo/Turano, the agenda for the August 5, 2019 regular meeting was adopted as presented.

By motion of Wendell/Schoenleber, minutes of the July 8, 2019 Regular Borough Council meeting and the July 16 2019 Workshop Meeting were adopted as presented.


PUBLIC HEARINGS: (note- Tammy Panko, Panko Reporting, was present for these matters)

  1. CONDITIONAL USE HEARING – CENCI CHIROPRACTIC –John Fuller, Engineer, on behalf of Applicant. This matter was reviewed by Planning Commission, and recommended for approval.  Building is currently used as a residence, but is in the Commercial Zone.  Applicant is proposing use as a chiropractor’s office on the first floor, second floor for storage.  Explained off street parking proposal; no proposed physical alterations to building.  (Other than rear entrance to building from parking area for ADA compliance)  Secretary Ahlstrand explained that the reason for the conditional use application was that the proposed professional office space exceeds 1000 sq. ft.  Solicitor Magnotta read the letter from the Milford Borough Planning Commission, recommending approval, with conditions.(Attached).  Question from Pres. Tarquinio- Are those conditions acceptable to Applicant?  Fuller said yes.  Solicitor had Applicant sworn in, asked if he agreed to conditions; Applicant said yes.  Question from public – M Kameen – re: parking, lot coverage.  Zoning Officer Shawn Bolles sworn in; testified that crushed stone is permitted; lot coverage, per engineer, is 38%; 75% permitted.  Engineer said newer parking spaces will be paved; 2 existing will be gravel.  Will comply with zoning. MOTION TO CLOSE HEARING WENDELL/CIERVO. BY MOTION OF WENDELL/TURANO, CONDITIONAL USE APPLICATION APPROVED, WITH CONDITIONS AS SET FORTH BY PLANNING COMMISSION (ATTACHED)
  2. PAVING BIDS – Secretary advised that advertisements were placed for acceptance of bids for paving of five (5) alleys, to be delivered by 5:00 pm today, August 5th. Bids were prepared by PennDot, and were for Pear Alley, Elderberry Alley, Currant Alley, Blackberry Alley, and Cherry Alley. Received two (2) envelopes, which are date-stamped across the seal on the back as having been received today, August 5,   Councilman Rob Ceirvo opened bids:

                             First bid from Linde Construction- Amount of $96,999

         Second bid from Wayco Paving – Amount of $134,714.60

             Solicitor Magnotta noted for the record that Linde was the apparent low bid, there was a                                                      description of the work, a bid bond, and affidavits were properly executed.  BY MOTION OF CIERVO/TURANO, COUNCIL UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED ACCEPTANCE OF THE BID SUBMITTED BY LINDE.  BY MOTION OF CIERVO/SCHOENLEBER, HEARING CLOSED.

Question from the public – Meagen Kameen – when will Third St. be paved?  Ciervo explained that original bid for paving of Third St was too high; Question from Jon Kameen about UGI – will they be fixing?  Ciervo explained UGI is supposed to come back after all work is done, and re-pave all the streets they have done work on. Secretary added that UGI has recently submitted permits for work on several of the alleys; schedule posted on website.



  1. Approval of recommendation by Planning Commission – Farmer’s Market –Secretary read letter from Planning setting forth conditions of renewal of “permit” for Farmers’ Market. BY MOTION OF WENDELL/SCHOENLEBER, COUNCIL UNANMOUSLY APPROVED THE RENEWAL OF THE FARMERS MARKET SPECIAL EXCEPTION/PERMIT. (Attached)
  2. Scheduling of Conditional Use Hearing – Secretary advised that due to the timing of the application received by “More for Less” Clothing for outdoor display of merchandise, a request is being made to hold a Conditional Use Hearing as soon as possible, after review by the Planning Commission. Planning is scheduled to meet on August 12th.  Secretary needs time to advertise for the Conditional Use Hearing. BY MOTION OF WENDELL/CIERVO, COUNCIL APPROVED THE ADVERTISING OF A SPECIAL MEETING TO BE HELD ON AUGUST 15TH, 2019, AT 6:00 PM, FOR THE PURPOSE OF CONDUCTING A CONDITIONAL USE HEARING FOR “MORE FOR LESS” CLOTHING’S APPLICATION.




  1. Gar-Po-Fire – Banner – 9/15-9/29 Approved by motion of Turano/Foster
  2. Septemberfest- Milford Presents – Event, Banner – Approved by motion of Foster/Ciervo; Borough-wide sidewalk sale – Approved by motion of Turano/Foster;
  3. Log Tavern Brewing /MEC- Octoberfest- Banner ONLY – approved by motion of Turano/Foster
  4. Apple Festival – Methodist Church – 9/28/19 (Street closure) – Approved by motion of Ciervo/Schoenleber;
  5. Bark in the Park – Milford Presents – 10/5/19- Approved by motion of Turano/Ciervo (subject to receipt of map)
  6. Black Bear Film Festival – 10/18/19-10/20/19- Street Closure – Approved by motion of Wendell/
  7. Borough Hall Use – League of Women Voters – Pike County – 10/16/19 (Discussion about waiver of fee, request for an alternate date) – Carried to next meeting for clarification.


ZONING REPORT:  Zoning Officer Shawn Bolles gave his report (Attached)- Permits issued, applications received, final inspections, complaints received.

(Taken out of order as Steve G from PCLP had not yet arrived)


PIKE COUNTY POWER & LIGHT – Update – Steve Grandinali from PCPL gave an update:  Now fully staffed; extended contracts for bucket trucks through 2022; replacing poles (over 100 since they have taken over); maintenance program- drone, pole inspection;  have access to “NEMAG”- conference call system in anticipation of storms with other utilities; instituted sharing of crews; tree trimming- will do “hot spotting” of hazardous trees. (Question from Adriane Wendell  about trimming trees, wires are mixed with those of other entities-any way to coordinate? – Steve said to provide addresses and will look; Bill Kiger-public- said 801 Broad).  Question from Pres. Tarquinio- Thanked him for removing two trees; O&R used to do cost sharing with homeowners with regard to trees in power lines; Steve said he will continue to work with Valerie Meyer, Shade Tree Commission, with regard to this.  Question from public (David Wineberg) about paperless bills- not sure yet.


David Wineberg- (public) – gave update on Mott St Bridge before he left- It was discovered that can’t do restoration of beams underneath.  Need to get new beams; ordered; affects target date, which was originally August 2019, then Thanksgiving; now will most likely be next spring/summer (2020)

Question – when will budget meeting be?  Tarquinio said October.


MAYOR’S REPORT:  Mayor Strub gave his report –

  • Citation report for July(attached) – Tickets/Stops up across the board.
  • Speed sign – have been moving it; if anyone feels there is a problem area, let the police know.
  • New P/T police officer reviewed/interviewed by Public Safety Committee- Brandon Gargon.  Worked security at Fernwood; recommending hiring at $16.50/hr.  BY MOTION OF FOSTER/CIERVO, COUNCIL APPROVED HIRING OF BRANDON GARGON AS P/T POLICE OFFICER, STARTING AT $16.50/HR.
  • Police will be participating in Night Out on 8/6, Warrior Fest at DVHS on 9/21; doing DUI checkpoints with Eastern Pike; Intern Alexis- one project was to identify houses without house numbers- goes to issue about getting 911 numbers; mock trial –Chief explained – had 2 month trial, use of computer, would have to be certified, cost is $840/6 months; looking at means of purchasing. Will be on agenda for next Public Safety Committee.
  • Revision of SOP- next meeting
  • Two new officers in training, Brian will make the 3rd.
  • Foot patrols up; stepped up patrols on River Rd.

Comment – Bill Kiger- Public- over 200 drug arrests- received from Milford Twp Planning Commission.  Chief said Borough numbers no where near that.

Question from Valerie Meyer- Car parked on E Ann St- under a dead tree.  Has been there a long time.  Tree tag #410- Chief will look into it.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Greg Myer gave his report – Commented Real Estate Tax- should hit budget; way behind on RTT- $2616 received as of the end of June, budgeted $25K.  Received check today for $4544 for RTT.  Will need $17,800 to hit budget by end of the year.  Noted that on page 3- line item 409.31- utilities.  Will go over budget, paying utilities on 111 W Catharine.  Secretary noted that should be getting refund from Blue Ridge for cable.   BY MOTION OF CIERVO/SCHOENLEBER TREASURER’S REPORT ACCEPTED AS PRESENTED. 




Certificates of Appropriateness – ARB:

  1. 300 Broad St – Presbyterian Church – Roof
  2. 406 Broad St – Lutfy Building – Porch rail
  3. 320 Broad St – Bloom Garden Building – Corbel repair
  4. 608 Broad St – Columns – Porch repair
  5. 150 Water St – More for Less – SIGN ONLY –
  6. Pike County Courthouse – Roof
  7. Pike County – John St Complex – Roof
  8. Pike County Courthouse – Sign
  9. 101 E Harford St – Dimmick – Roof
  10. 305 Broad St – Wise Guys – Sign – DENIAL
  11. 104-108 E Ann – Paint – DENIAL

BY MOTION OF FOSTER/SCHOENLEBER, ITEMS a through I were approved by Council, based on recommendation of ARB.  BY MOTION OF WENDELL/FOSTER, DENIALS (items j & k) were approved by Council, based on recommendation of ARB.



  1. President Tarquinio advised Council members- each committee should be preparing list of capital expenditures anticipated for next year, in anticipation of budget preparation.
  2. Secretary Ahlstrand said that the State Borough Association is offering Budget Webinars if anyone is interested.



  1. Hazardous Tree Removal – Tarquinio met with Valerie Meyer, Paul LaBounty, Peter Rushton- provided maps, lists to Council members.  Shade Tree Commission hasn’t had enough money to take down trees.  All those identified should be removed.  Cost to remove all (and grind stumps) – Maximum $25,000.  Spoke with Treasurer Myer, could take from General Fund.  Question from Jon Kameen- is it necessary to get multiple bids?  Tarquinio- no, doing by blocks.  Comfortable with contractor they are using.  Question from Chuck O’Neil- some stumps remaining.  Tarquinio said not in this price.  Tarquinio said Shade Tree Commission usually asks for cost sharing.  Turano explained insurance liability if trees are not “maintained”.  BY MOTION OF HAAR/CIERVO, COUNCIL APPROVED UP TO $25,000 TO REMOVE THOSE TREES CURRENTLY IDENTIFIED AS HAZARDOUS.  Tarquinio thanked Shade Tree Commission for the work they do.
  2. 911 Signs – Wendell gave update- Usually people have to buy their own signs; can select a style, and have people purchase. Also a program- can buy in bulk, put together numbers, can do as a fundraiser for MPD, etc.  Suggested talking to Police Dept, Fire Dept.  Need to determine where to hang them; need to be near the curb.  Borough may have to make initial investment.  How many needed?  About 500 (must include garage apartments, etc).  Who will take on work?  Wendell will s/w Fire Dept., Chief of Police.  Tarquinio said would have to pass Ordinance to mandate; if left to be voluntary, would not be effective. Question from public- Dennis Keane- What is the problem with having it done on an individual basis- determine whether or not it’s needed.  Tarquinio said need someone objective to decide.  Mayor said could have police dept or fire dept determine where they are needed.  Additional discussion; Wendell said need to raise awareness.  Foster suggested that once Wendell gets feedback from police/fire, she will send email.  Turano suggested it could be an Eagle scout project.
  3. No Thru Traffic signs- Need count
  4. Pot Hole Repair – If Street Dept. is too busy , should hire independent company
  5. Old Office Building – Tarquinio s/w Vlad Potievsky (ARB Architect)- has an engineering company; would be willing to do engineering inspection- Cost of $3K; Estimates cost of repair/renovating building approximately $75-100K; Some discussion about options; Mayor suggested long-term rentals, put out public call for proposals; LSA Grant; Questions/Comments from public- sale of property? Use of PennDot building in the future? Turano said should have engineering report done on way or another; Mayor asked if inspector could do report? Suggested we have a realtor give an estimate of value; get estimate of time from County as to size/time frame for PennDot building.  Council agreed to do that first, before paying for engineering study.
  6. Upstairs of Borough Hall – Turano is gathering estimates for the purposes of applying for Grant; Issue of elevator; plans were drawn up in the past. May have to do in phases.  Need cleaning, electric upgrades, windows, etc.  Will have estimates by September meeting to decide whether to apply for grant, and for how much.  Estimate from Vlad (including elevator) would be close to $350,000.
  7. Ambulance update – Tarquinio- there is another company interested in providing ambulance service (ALS/BLS); Tarquinio will update
  8. Electronic Recycling – Mayor reported that working with other municipalities in the County for date in the fall.
  9. Update on River Access project – Mayor reported waiting for engineering report from Kiley & Associates; did borings last week.
  10. Central Sewage update – Tarquinio reported that survey letters went out- 150 letters went out; based on response, will send out a second mailing. Question from resident- Janice ?, 305 W High- can they access property if no response?    Can answer survey or not, can refuse access, can allow access.
  11. Office security – Quote for monitor to place in Secretary’s Office – Cost of $780.00 BY MOTION OF HAAR/WENDELL, COUNCIL APPROVED EXPENSE OF $780.00 FOR MONITORS, WIRING.



Law & Zoning: Wendell – Nothing additional

Finance & Insurance:  Turano – insurance renews in a few weeks; questions about historic buildings, appointment shortly to review.  With regard to budget, Secretary will provide worksheet,  Committees should be more “hand’s on” with preparing budget.  Commended Meagen Kameen for the work she has done.

Parks & Recreation (Haar) – No report.  Tarquinio noted that the property at the Ball Park goes all the way down to the river;  all part of the park, so will post appropriate signs- per the Solicitor, swimming etc. is permitted “at your own risk”; Brookhill Rd closed.  Tarquinio asked for motion to purchase about $500 in signs.  BY MOTION OF WENDELL/TURANO, COUNCIL APPROVED THE EXPENDITURE FOR SIGNS.

(Comment at this point from Sarah O’Neil – River Rd– Just received text from sister, had to call police due to kids at River Rd., have concerns about access to that property;  Mary Ellen Theodore- resident- question about borings at river access- Who pays for that study ?  Answer- MEC.  Concerned about increase in people using that area, concerned that river access will increase number of people, will need more police presence, seem to have serious budgetary issues, should consider priorities, cost of maintenance, etc.  Meagen Kameen- commented on Milford Beach being closed, overcrowding, Mott St. water falls, camp counselors.  Glass bottles, music, park rangers are cracking down.  All of this is leading to more people coming to Milford’s space. Question from Paul LaBounty about park property within Boro limits- Chief said that they have no jurisdiction in Federal Park Service, have to call Park service.  Additional discussion/comments.  Question from Chuck O’Neil- can portion of River Rd be marked as “dead end”?  Tarquinio said no, part of liquid fuels comes from that.  Comment from Quentin ______, River Rd. – called Park Service about noise across the river; Tarquinio suggested contacting Matt Cartwright; Mayor suggested reaching out to Superintendent Jacobs.  Chief said can call non-emergency number (296-7700) and dispatch will send them out.  Kameen suggested sending letter to  3 camps.

Borough Property (Ciervo):  Need written estimate on roof repair for Borough Office

Streets & Light (Ciervo ):  Duane still on light duty; Paul helping in Matamoras more, they are short handed; question about painting crosswalks on main roads- Tarquinio asked if they could hire company.  Ciervo will check.

Tech/Communications: (Foster ) – Anything for newsletter, get to her by the 20th



Jon Kameen – with regard to Berkheimer, have an “F” rating from BBB; 40-50 complaints.  Check to see if you can use elected tax collector.


CORRESPONDENCE: Letter from Mike Kaub, requesting he be appointed as alternate SEO




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