JANUARY 6, 2020


Mayor Strub called the meeting to Order at 8:00 a.m. Mayor Strub acknowledged that he had sworn in Adriane Wendell and Katrina Foster prior to the meeting.  Secretary Ahlstrand confirmed that all newly elected/re-elected Council members had presented affidavits of residency and certificates of election/oaths of office.

Secretary asked for a Roll Call:  Present- Council members Rob Ciervo, Peter Cooney, Treasurer Greg Myer, Mayor Strub, Council members Katrina Foster, Joseph Dooley, Adriane Wendell, Frank Tarquinio.  Secretary Pamela Ahlstrand and Assistant Secretary Laurie DiGeso were also present.  Mayor opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor said that first order of business was to appoint someone to fill the vacant two year Council seat.  Secretary explained that this vacancy was created because Joseph Dooley had run for BOTH a 4 year seat and the one 2 year seat (which was unopposed), and had won both seats.  He relinquished his 2 year seat by letter to the Board of Elections dated November 7, 2019.  There was some public comment by Meagen Kameen (resident) and Eugene Murphy (resident) as to the “process” of appointing the vacant seat. It was noted that this was a Reorganization meeting, which does not allow for public comment.  Kameen also stated that she felt there was a violation of the Sunshine Act due to circulation of emails which included Mr. Turano.  Councilman Peter Cooney asked about the process, and indicated that he had several people interested in filling that seat.  Secretary Ahlstrand said only one letter of interest was received; she noted that then-President Tarquinio had approached each of the sitting Council persons who were not re-elected or who had not run, and asked if they were interested in the seat. Lucas Turano submitted his letter of interest, which Secretary Ahlstrand read.  Mr. Cooney was advised by Council member Tarquinio that he could nominate someone without receiving a letter of interest.

Nominations for Council seat:  Luke Turano:  Adriane Wendell/Frank Tarquinio

: Meagen Kameen: Peter Cooney/NO SECOND

A vote was taken on the nomination for Turano- Peter Cooney asked for a roll call vote.  Votes as follows: Ciervo- yes; Cooney- no; Foster- yes; Dooley – yes; Wendell – yes; Tarquinio- yes.  Motion carried.  Lucas Turano (present in the public) was sworn in by the Mayor and joined the Council.

The Mayor called for nominations for officers:

President – Wendell/Ciervo nominated Frank Tarquinio.  Votes- Cooney “No”; Ciervo, Foster, Turano, Dooley, Wendell, in favor.  Frank Tarquinio elected President.

Vice President – Tarquinio/Foster nominated Adriane Wendell.  Votes – Cooney “No”; Ciervo, Foster, Turano, Dooley, Tarquinio, in favor.  Adriane Wendell elected President.

President Pro Tem – Wendell/Dooley nominated Rob Ciervo.  Votes – Cooney “No”; Foster, Turano, Dooley, Wendell, Tarquinio in favor.  Rob Ciervo elected President Pro Tem.


The following appointments were made:

Borough Solicitor: Tarquinio noted that Anthony Magnotta had submitted a letter stating he was interested in continuing as Borough Solicitor.  Cooney asked about his availability for meetings, prior to voting.  By motion of Wendell/Dooley, Council voted to re-appoint Anthony Magnotta as Borough Solicitor (Cooney dissenting).  Mr. Magnotta was present and took his seat with the Council.

Alternate Solicitor: By Motion of Wendell/Dooley, Anthony Waldron was unanimously re-appointed as Alternate Solicitor, ARB Solicitor in the event of a conflict with Mr. Magnotta, and as ZHB Attorney.

Borough Treasurer: By motion of Dooley/Foster, Greg Myer and Myer & Myer were reappointed as Borough Treasurer.

Borough Secretary/Open Records Officer: By motion of Dooley/Turano, Pamela Ahlstrand was re-appointed as Borough Secretary/Open Records Officer.

Assistant Secretary: By motion of Ciervo/Foster, Laurie DiGeso was re-appointed as Assistant Borough Secretary.

Borough Engineers: By motion of Wendell/Ciervo, Kiley & Associates were re-appointed as Borough Engineers.  It was noted that a letter of interest was received from RKR Hess.   Solicitor Magnotta stated that he was familiar with the firm, and that they had a large number of engineers on staff.  Wendell suggested that they look into this firm further, and not appoint an alternate engineer at this time.  Could appoint an alternate in the event of a conflict.

Borough Auditors: By motion of Foster/Wendell, Kirk Suma re-appointed as Auditors.

Vacancy Board Chairman: Tarquinio explained the need for a vacancy board chairman, in the event of an appointment to the Council which is not a majority.  Asked if anyone from the public was interested in being considered.  No response.  Will seek potential residents.  No appointment at this time.

Borough Planner: None appointed at this time.

Borough Historian: By motion of Dooley/Ciervo, Matt Osterberg re-appointed as Borough Historian.

Official Newspaper: The following newspapers were designated as official newspaper(s) of record for the Borough: Pocono Record, Pike County Dispatch, Pike County Courier. By motion of Turano/Ciervo.

Bank Depositories: Tarquinio asked Treasurer Myer who the current Banks were which the Borough used.  By motion of Foster/Dooley, the following banks were designated as depositories for Milford Borough:

-NBT Bank

-Wayne Bank



Zoning Officer: Tarquinio noted that there was a letter received from Bob DiLorenzo indicating an interest in being appointed as Zoning Officer or Alternate Zoning Officer, if there was a need. BY MOTION OF WENDELL/FOSTER, Shawn Bolles was reappointed as Milford Borough Zoning Officer and Code Enforcement Officer.  No alternate appointed at this time.


Building Inspectors: By motion of Wendell/Ciervo, BIU Associates, Inc. was reappointed as Building Inspector for Milford Borough.


Sewage Enforcement Officer: By motion of Turano/Ciervo, Bob DiLorenzo was reappointed as Sewage Enforcement Officer.


At this time, President Tarquinio noted that there were vacancies on a number of the Boards in the Borough.  The following appointments were made:


Municipal Water Authority:  There was one letter of interest, from Craig Cox.  Cox was appointed by Council.  There was some discussion about the terms of the appointments to the Water Authority.  Secretary to verify the current members of the Board, as well as their terms.


Shade Tree Commission:  Tarquinio stated that there were several vacancies on the Shade Tree Commission. Peter Rushton, who was a member, moved out of the Borough; Valerie Meyer, who was the Commissioner for many years, submitted her letter of resignation, but indicated she would work to transition her replacement.  Paul LaBounty (remaining member, present in the public) noted that there are certain skill requirements to serve; should advertise, and candidates should be willing to take some training courses through PennState.  Council did not make appointments at this time, but will seek qualified candidates.

(At this time, Council member Dooley suggested the creation of an “Appointments Committee” in order to seek qualified candidates when there are vacancies, and to avoid the appearance of the Council acting “in secret”.  Tarquinio suggested they discuss that later in the meeting when they create the Committees)


Zoning Hearing Board:  Tarquinio said there are 2 openings on the Board, plus alternates.  Several letters of interest were received.  Secretary noted that if someone serves on the  Zoning Hearing Board they cannot serve or be employed elsewhere in the Borough.  Solicitor Magnotta noted that they needed to first accept Mr. Dooley’s letter of resignation from the ZHB, as he has been elected to the Council.  BY MOTION OF WENDELL/CIERVO, COUNCIL ACCEPTED JOSEPH DOOLEY’S LETTER OF RESIGNATION FROM THE ZHB.

By motion of Dooley/Foster, the following appointments were made to the Zoning Hearing Board: Tom Maellaro, Douglas Grady; Alternates:  Tracey Vitchers, Joan Standora.

(Note a letter of interest was received from Granger Greenbaum, who currently serves on the Planning Commission)


Historic Architectural Review Board: Tarquinio stated that there were several letters of interest received for the two (2) vacancies on the HARB, and that both Mike Arizan and Mike Maruszewski, members who currently serve and whose terms expired, submitted letters, along with Tamara Chant, Maria Farrell, and Granger Greenbaum.  BY MOTION OF TURANO/FOSTER, COUNCIL RE-APPOINTED MIKE ARIZAN AND MIKE MARUSZEWSKI TO THE HARB.   There was a discussion about the requirement for an Architect, and Tarquinio said they will seek to find a suitable replacement for Vlad Potievsky, who is continuing to serve as he can, although his term expired.


The Council then had discussion about meeting nights for the Regular Council meeting.  It was noted that there was a Regular Council Meeting already advertised for this Wednesday, February 8th, at 6 pm. Some discussion about cancelling that, and having the regular Council meetings on the third Tuesday.   Initially there was a motion by Ciervo/Turano that the meetings be moved to the third Tuesday of the month, and moving the Feb. 8th meeting to January 21.  (Dooley opposed).  That motion was withdrawn.  Additional discussion.  Motion by Wendell/Turano, setting meeting dates as follows:  Regular Council meeting to remain on January 8, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.; meetings to be on the third Tuesday of the month thereafter, beginning on January 21, 2020.

Discussion about workshop meetings, which were held quarterly on the Third Tuesday of each month.  Workshop meetings set as follows: February 11, 2020, April 14, 2020, July 14, 2020, and October 13, 2020, all at 6:00 pm (2nd Tuesday of the month, once a quarter, with the exception of the first meeting, which will be in February).

Mayor Strub asked if we could attach a Google Calendar to the website to make it easier to access the meeting schedule, etc.  Will look into this.

Additional Meetings set as follows: By motion of Turano/Ciervo, additional Board meetings set as follows:  Planning Commission – 2nd Monday 7 pm, 3rd Wednesday 6 pm, as needed; ARB 4th Monday 7 pm; ZHB is scheduled as needed.


Discussion about Comprehensive Plan.  Tarquinio said that Council had previously authorized the Planning Commission to apply for a grant to revise the Comprehensive Plan.  Pike County Planning and Reggie Cheong-Leen (Planning) worked on the RFP to submit for the Grant.  BY MOTION OF WENDELL/FOSTER, RFP APPROVED AS PREPARED, TO BE SUBMITTED WITH THE GRANT APPLICATION.

Council Committees:

Tarquinio commented that Committees do not have to be exclusively Council members; suggested some residents be on Committees as well.  Council members chair, can have additional Council members on specific Committees.  After discussion, committees set as follows:

Parks & Recreation:  Luke Turano volunteered to chair; will work with Shade Tree Commission as well.

Finance & Insurance: Joe Dooley to chair; Turano will assist with Insurance matters

Law & Zoning: Adriane Wendell

Buildings/Property: Peter Cooney

Streets & Lights: Rob Ciervo

Public Safety Committee:  Mayor Strub.  Noted that current members include Joe Dooley, who was serving as a resident.  He is now on Council, and that would mean there are 4 Council members on the Committee, which would violate the Sunshine Act (Foster, Turano, Dooley, Ciervo).  One will have to step down.

Technology/Communication: Foster

New Committees:

Appointments:  Mayor Strub

Grants: Will see if Nancy Schoenleber wants to serve; need Council member to oversee.

HR: Foster






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