New Residents

New Residents

A Guide to Milford Borough Welcome!
Milford, Pennsylvania appears again and again on national surveys of the nicest small towns in America.
We invite you to discover why.

The Milford Borough Office

500 Broad Street
570-296-7140 (voice)
570-409-6858 (fax)
Monday- Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The Borough office is the administrative center of Milford and should always be your first stop for any information about Borough operations, procedures and ordinances.

The office stands ready to assist you in obtaining permits for occupancy, zoning, building, sewage, signage, special events and yard sales, and with Architectural Review Board matters.

It also handles Freedom of Information Act requests, provides copies of ordinances and information on all Milford topics from garbage collection to potholes to the Historic District.

If you are thinking of making any exterior or interior change to your property always check first with the Borough office to find out what permits may be required.

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) &
The Historic District

Milford has noteworthy buildings throughout the Borough, and is fortunate to have many residents who care deeply about maintaining the Borough’s historic character.

The Borough Council has designated parts of the Borough as a Historic District, and created the Architectural Review Board to manage this District in accordance with federal and state guidelines for the preservation and restoration of historic buildings.

The Historic District encompasses Broad Street and East and West Harford Streets, as well as portions of some side streets adjacent to them. A map on the Borough website details its exact boundaries.
All exterior changes to buildings and property in the Historic District including, but not limited to, signage, windows, doors, trim and siding, roofing, gutters, porches, stoops, shutters, fascias, fencing, landscape elements and paint (whether refreshing existing colors or changing colors) require a permit from the Architectural Review Board. The Borough office will assist you in this process.

Occupancy & Zoning
Permits, Building Permits, Sewage Enforcement

The Zoning Officer, Building Inspector and Sewage Enforcement Officer have offices on the second floor of the Borough Office at 500 Broad Street.

Occupancy permits are required for any transfer of property or change of occupancy, whether residential or commercial.

Zoning permits are required before work starts on any exterior changes to residential or commercial property including, but not limited to, additions, porches, decks, sheds, gazebos, pools, driveways and carports as well as for any interior alterations that are structural.

Any new fencing requires a zoning permit.

In the commercial district, zoning permits are required for new businesses, for any changes of use of existing buildings, and for any signage. (Signs in the Historic District also require separate approval by the Architectural Review Board.) Commercial changes of use require a certification from the Sewage Enforcement Officer.

Before signing a lease to rent commercial space in the Borough, check first with the Borough office to make sure your intended use of the property is permitted by the zoning ordinances.

All zoning, building and sewage applications are available from the Borough office and on the Borough website. If possible, submit all related applications at the same time. Again, the Borough office will assist you.

Zoning Office hours are Mondays from 1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. The Zoning Officer can be reached at 570-296-4255 or at

Building permits are required for any new structure over 200 square feet, for any new deck that is more than 30” above ground and for any structural changes to an existing building.
The Building Inspector’s office hours are 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Tuesdays, or by appointment at 570-296-4255.

The Sewage Enforcement Officer conducts all sewage inspections for both commercial and residential buildings. All new septic systems require permits; any changes in use for existing commercial septic systems require a re-use certification.
Contact the Sewage Enforcement Officer at 570-296-4255 for any questions about a new or existing septic system.

Local Government

Milford’s local government consists of a seven member Borough Council and a Mayor, each of whom is elected by the public to a four-year term. The Council proposes and votes on all local ordinances. It also appoints a Borough Treasurer and Solicitor, as well as members of Milford’s various commissions and boards.

The Council meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m., and the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. All meetings are open to the public, except for executive sessions. Any changes to the Council’s meeting schedule are posted on Calendar page.

If you have business to bring before the Borough Council, contact the Borough office.
The Milford Planning Commission, appointed by the Borough Council, advises the Council on zoning issues such as subdivisions, lot combinations, variances, conditional use permits and other zoning issues. Check the Borough website or call the Borough office for meeting time details.
Other Borough organizations include the Zoning Hearing Board, the Milford Shade Tree Commission, and the Recreation Committee. Further information on these is available at

Road Crew & Garbage Services

Milford Borough provides weekly garbage pickup, normally on Thursday mornings. All garbage should be bagged and in cans. Residents are allowed two 30-gallon cans per week; buildings in the commercial district are allowed three. Residents who need additional capacity may purchase specially designated garbage bags from the Borough office.

The Borough does not currently provide recycling. Recycling is available privately, for a fee, through County Waste at 570-685-5000.

The Milford Borough road crew picks up lawn and yard clippings on an ongoing basis. Clippings should be in an open container, not bagged, and placed at the edge of your property near the street or alley. Be kind: clippings containers should not be any heavier than can be lifted to shoulder height. Small branches should be stacked neatly to facilitate easy handling.
All residents whose property adjoins an alley are required to keep trees and shrubs trimmed away from the alley to a height of 12 feet.

In the fall, leaves should be raked loose – not bagged – to the street or alley in front of your property for pickup by the vacuum truck. Burning leaves in barrels is permitted October 1 through November 30 from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. only.

Milford Police Department

Milford Borough maintains its own Police Department located at 500 Broad Street, with 24-hour coverage 365 days a year.

In an emergency, dial 911.
For non-emergencies, the Police Department can be reached at 570-296-5959.

Milford Fire Department

The Milford Fire Department, located at 107 West Catharine Street, is an all-volunteer fire company that serves the Borough of Milford and Milford Township and assists fire departments in neighboring communities. It also operates its own ambulance service.

Dial 911 for fire or ambulance emergencies. To learn more about becoming a volunteer fireperson, call 570-296-6121 or visit the fire station Monday evenings at 7 p.m. to speak with a department member.

General Information

Pike County licenses all dogs. Go to the County website – – for licensing information. In Milford Borough, dogs must be leashed and owners are required to pick up dog waste. No dogs, except service animals, are permitted in Milford’s parks.

The keeping of farm animals is not allowed within the Borough.

Milford’s noise ordinance prohibits “unreasonably loud” noise from 8 p.m. – 8 a.m. every day, and until 11 a.m. on Sundays.

Residents are permitted three yard sales per calendar year. Free permits for these are available from the Borough office.

No parking is permitted on Borough streets 12 a.m. – 6 a.m. from November 1 – April 1.

For Tax Information regarding EIT or LST, please call Berkheimer Associates at (610)-588-0965 or visit their website at

Code Red Sign Up

Residents and business owners are encouraged to register for Code Red Alerts to be notified by your local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts.

For borough residents to receive emergency notification via text, email and phone, please click the button below to sign-up.
(You will be taken to the Code Red website where you create and account and input your contact information.)

Phone Numbers

Electric – Pike County Light & Power: 570-832-2988
Natural Gas – UGI: 800-276-2722 (Not all residences are connected to natural gas lines.)
Water – Milford Water Authority: 570-296-6556
Cable TV & Internet – Blue Ridge Cable: 570-296-8200
Pike County Public Library: 570-296-8211
Berkheimer Associates (EIT, LST) 610-588-5765


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